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Swagelok Hamburg

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Custom Solutions

With Custom Solutions We are your strong partner when it comes to the implementation of projects. Whether this is to complete systems or pre-assembled units. We see ourselves as your extended workbench and support you from the initial planning stage to the dispatch of the finished system.

Swagelok Hamburg Custom Solutions Team Members

John Meyer - Swagelok Hamburg

John Meyer

Custom Solutions Manager/ Field Engineer

Custom Solutions Fridtjof Buhr

Fridtjof Buhr

Application Engineer

Inside Sales Marcel Poppe

Marcel Poppe

Application Engineer

Our employee Andreas Bollhardt from Custom Solutions department

Andreas Bollhardt

Application Engineer

Swagelok Hamburg employee Felix Mertke

Felix Müller-Petersen

Custom Solutions/ Purchasing & Coordination

Custom Solutions Rainer Wegner

Rainer Wegner

Custom Solutions

Axel Rieckmann

Axel Rieckmann

Custom Solutions

Warehouse Jörg Hammermeister

Jörg Hammermeister

Custom Solutions

Fadi Kasho, our Custom Solutions employee

Fadi Kasho

Custom Solutions

Eduard Heinrich for Custom Solutions

Eduard Heinrich

Custom Solutions