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Swagelok Hamburg

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Tube Fitting Inspection Essentials

Safety and Installation Seminar Swagelok Hamburg

Safety and Installation Seminar 2: Tube Fitting Inspection Essentials

Upon completion of this training seminar you attendees will be equipped to assess assembled tubing and fitting connections, as well as pinpoint unsafe assemblies.

Training Seminar content:

  • Most common errors that lead to leaks
  • Identify correct tube routing planning methods
  • Proper Assembly of Swagelok Tube fittings
  • Fitting materials identification and differences
  • Tubing material identification assessment of quality and standards
  • Most common errors  associated with tube bending
  • Confirm correct use and installation of threaded connections

This training seminar compliments the Safety and Installation Seminar 1: Tube Fitting Installation Essentials

You have questions or want to schedule an individual trainging date? Our Trainer Kai Müller is more than happy to be of help. Just call (+49) 4185 8080-26 or write an e-mail to