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Hose Advisory Service

Swagelok Hose Advisory Service

Swagelok HAS - Hose Advisory Service

What is HAS?

HAS, „Swagelok Hose Advisory Service“ is one of our many Testing Services. Together with our Swagelok experts you will have the opportunity to evaluate your hose systems, routings and applications. Then our Hose Advisors will support you in the selection and routing of hoses in order to increase performance and longevity of components. Safety, functionality and quality are harmonized to maximize the performance of your equipment.

What are the steps in a HAS session?

In the first step of hose advisory, on site you and our hose advisory expert will determine the goals of improvement of your hose assembly system together. After the coordination of goals, our hose expert will make a visual inspection of the identified areas. Once the site survey is complete, Swagelok will provide you with a detailed report which includes the following:

  • A summary of the overall results and suggestions for installing, inspecting, and selecting hoses in your facility.
  • A prioritized list of suggested improvements for identified hose assemblies in your plant Suggestions for possible options for hoses and tubes which would be more appropriate for a particular application.
  • An individual guide for the inspection and preventative maintenance of hoses.

Why should you utilize the Swagelok Hose Advisory Service?

We are aware that your resources, such as budget, staff and time, are valuable. Therefore, we have compiled a short list of questions to help make the decision to utilize Swagelok HAS easier:

  • Are you tired of spending your limited budget on constantly replacing the same damaged or worn hoses?
  • Do hose problems cause costs due to unplanned downtime or wasted products?
  • More importantly, did you know that tubing-related problems can potentially result in injury to your employees and damage to the environment?
  • Do you have other priorities and everyday activities that prevent you from paying attention to your hoses?

Let us be of help. With Swagelok Hose Advisory Services, we not only support you as a local hose expert, but also as your point of contact when it comes to testing and improving your systems.

Swagelok Hose Advisory Service - Leak Detection