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Orbital welding

Training Orbital Welding

Safety and installation seminar 6: Modern Orbital Welding

During the time, requirements have changed and welds must be made super clean. That's why we at Swagelok use the proven Orbital welding process that meets exactly these requirements. However, an exact preparation and the practiced application are of the utmost importance.

To achieve the best results, we are offering two seminars for you to choose from. A one-day training course and a shortened information seminar, which will introduce you to orbital welding technology and show you how to use it. Below you will find more details of the two seminars.

If there is no other information from your Swagelok contact person, we look forward to welcome you at 08:15 clock in our office. The seminar starts at 08:30.

Training Orbital Welding:

This event is for users of orbital welding technology. It is about the function of orbital welding and its practical application.

Main topics are:

  • Create, load and save welding programs
  • Structure and function of the tube facer
  • weld preparation
  • Rinse and form
  • Adaptation of welding programs to existing requirements
  • test welds
  • Assessment of welding results
  • Care and Maintenance

Modern orbital welding

In our seminar for modern orbital welding you will learn about the structure and functioning of the orbital welding system and what applications are available for you. The seminar has duration of approx. 180 min. We provide you with a concrete impression of structure and functions of the orbital welding system and the possibilities that this system can offer you for your daily work. The Orbital Welding Seminar is fit for users whose applications require a high degree of safety and purity and who would like to learn more about orbital welding and its possibilities.

Additional module: Table top bender

Optionally we can introduce you to the functionality of hand and / or table top benders in addition to the two previous training courses. Duration approx. 30 min. Just enter your request to participate in your order.

Construction and function of the table top bender:

  • Table tube bender
  • Construction and function of the table top bender
  • test bend
  • Optional equipment

You can call us by phone at 04185 - 8080-26 or via e-mail at All available seminars are listed in our seminar calendar.