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Swagelok Hamburg

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Hose Essentials

Hose Technology Seminar Swagelok Hamburg

Safety and Installation Seminar 4: Hose Essentials

The Hose Training Seminar will cover all technical hose terminology in depth. Attendees will also learn the different applications where hoses are used as well as how to recognize these applications. In addition, the planning of hose systems, proper selection, preventative maintenance and routing in order to ensure proper performance and extended service life.

Training Seminar content:

  • Basic “Pros & Cons” of usage of hoses
  • Service life, usage Checklist
  • Inside of hose
  • Permeability, reinforcement
  • Sheathing, encasement, jacketing
  • Basic components of construction
  • Routing, bends, kinks, load, stress, strain
  • Determination of overall length
  • Flexibilität, Formstabilität, Auswahl
  • Flexibility, stability, storage
  • Preventative maintenance, variable service life
  • Written and practical test

To register for that seminar, please call our Trainer Kai Müller +49 4185 8080-26 or use