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Swagelok Hamburg

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Label and laser engraving

Laser marking and labeling by Swagelok Hamburg

Nameplates, label and laser marking

Forget about lost, borrowed or misplaced tools. Our labeling service helps you to mark your personal tool set.

You can choose between different options: identification plates, label or laser engraving. Choose your plate from a wide range of colors and finishes and let us know your personal requirements. With the laser engraving you can enchase your company name, article number, instructions or even your logo. The laser marking thus offers an individually applicable and consistent alternative to conventional labeling. There is no minimum order quantity here.

We can produce the following application examples for you:

Identification plates:

 Armature Individuelles Typenschild für Anlagen 
 Hoses  Typenschild für Schläuche von Swagelok Hamburg
 Valves  Individuelles Typenschild für Ventile
 Cases  Typenschild Beschriftung für Werkzeugkoffer

The plates are made of e.g. steel, aluminium or acrylic.

Engraving directly on tools/ components

 Tube bender
 Beschriftung von Rohrbiegern
Hose -
end connection
 Beschriftung einer Schlauch-Endverbindung
 Fitting  Laser-Beschriftung von Verschraubungen

Individual labeling and lettering

  • Laser foil

You would like to know more about the possibilities of laser marking or have a specific question? We are happy to advise you on your individual engraving or assist you in brainstorming.

Your contact:

Herr Fridtjof Buhr
Department Custom Solutions
+49 4185 – 80 80 57