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Swagelok Hamburg

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Swagelok Tool Case

Swagelok Hamburg Tool Case

The new Swagelok® Toolcase

With the tool kit you are ideally equipped for a secure installation of Swagelok pipe fittings. The individual tools in this case help to reduce the preparations and speed up system assembly. Screw sizes from 6mm to 12mm are operated.

Toolbox Contents:

  • Pre-assembly tool
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Tee-holding key
  • Test gauges
  • Tube saw device
  • Deburring tool
  • Pipe cutter + spare cutting wheel
  • Snoop leakage fluid
  • Teflon tape in different sizes
  • Tool for depth marking

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For questions of quotes, please contact Mr. Fridtjof Buhr