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Sampling System Evaluation

Swagelok Field Engineer checks grab sampling system

Sampling System Evaluation

A compatible, timely and representative sample is key to consistent fluid quality. Swagelok Field Engineers evaluate sampling systems from the sampling point through the analyzer to disposal of sample.

According to Tony Waters ("Industrial Sampling System", p. 13, Copyright 2013) there are Six Goals of Sampling Excellence:

  • Compatible – will not harm analyzer
  • Timely – so that information can be used
  • Representative – to ensure meaningful analytic result
  • Reliable – produce timely and representative results when plant is running
  • Cost-effective – produce all desired benefits at overall lowest cost
  • Safe –  "A safe system imposes negligible additional risk to people, assets or environment."

Your advantages

  • Assurance of high sample quality
  • Detection and elimination of deficiencies and its causes (including clogging, contamination, moisture transfer)
  • Reduction of downtimes through optimized processes and sampling systems, as well as filter positioning

In our video, we show you how we can help you design effective sampling systems, as well as diagnose and fix problems: