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Swagelok Hamburg

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Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Chemistry and Petrochemistry

Demand meets quality - especially in chemistry and petrochemistry

In today's age of finite natural resources, it is more important than ever that the raw materials available to us, such as crude oil and natural gas, are used sensibly, but above all as efficiently as possible. The trend towards the use of alternative energies, such as wind power, solar energy or biogas, is clearly visible, but at the moment there is still a long way to go before all the possibilities are exhausted.
Nowadays, it is easier to find products that are made from crude oil or natural gas than those that do not contain these raw materials: We all wear clothes, buy food in packaging or own cell phones - without the chemical and petrochemical industry this would not be possible.

Our products and services

In the case of manufacturing a wide variety of chemical products and compounds into recyclable raw materials, our fluid system products can be found almost everywhere. Various fluid system solutions, such as pipe connections, valves, pressure regulators or hoses help users to achieve trouble-free and highly reliable operation.

From the planning of applications and plants, to process technology, process instrumentation and analysis technology, our product portfolio ensures highly safe and reliable conditions. When it comes to issues in the new construction of chemical plants or the overhaul and modification of control technology and fluid solutions, we deliver a solution tailored to your needs and objectives.

Understanding customer requirements

Global leaders in the chemical and petrochemical industries specify Swagelok products when it comes to unconditional compliance with their specifications. In many cases, the chemical industry works with hazardous and toxic media or substances that require maximum safety and zero leakage. Our products are used especially for these conditions.
The wish of our business partners to have a competent partner at their side, with high quality products, a personal service and many other advantages, we meet in our daily work. The further trend of the industry and our business partners to get everything from one source, or to receive assemblies defined according to specifications, ready assembled, we also recognized early. We are proud to be able to look back on several successful projects in the field of individual assembly production. We regularly receive positive feedback from business partners ranging from project planners to industrial mechanics regarding the reliability of our products and assemblies.

It has been proven that our business partners appreciate the high quality and reliability of our products; thus, they reduce their maintenance and service costs and avoid expensive production downtimes.