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Swagelok Hamburg

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Online Tools

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Swagelok Online-Tools

You can easily access our tools for calculations and presentations online.

Swagelok CAD Templates

CAD Drawings

In our CAD library, you can easily download the appropriate CAD drawing for your selected Swagelok product.

Swagelok Cv-Calculator


Perform the calculations for your components easily by yourself and determine the best possible flow rate using our Cv calculator.

Regulator Flow Curve

Regulator Flow Curve Generator

Our generator creates flow curve diagram for your RHPS pressure regulators based on your specifications and, if desired, with multiple scenarios.

eDTR flash drive as an alternative to our product catalogue

No more catalogue searching: eDTR

Forget about catalogues: with our eDTR software you can easily find Swagelok product information and data sheets with your computer or mobile device.