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Swagelok Hamburg

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e-Business Swagelok Hamburg


Whether technical offers, orders or just quotes: with the help of our online shop you will be able to request information without much effort. Once you have created your personal profile you can conveniently view technical information about our products or our prices. After we have completed our internal processing you will receive a reply to your deposited e-mail.
When the process of registration is completed, you have the option to create a favorites list for products and technical catalogs. Especially the product list allows a faster ordering process when re purchasing.
If you have a larger order, there is also the possibility to import or to upload Excel lists.

EDI, EDIFACT, XML Transactions

Here a connection between your ERP and our business system will be created, based on industrial standards for data transmission. These include EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport), XML, CML and others. In this way, orders, order confirmations and invoices can be sent without the use of paper.


With our Punch-Out solution you have access to an online product catalog combined with a shopping cart, which is also connected to your ERP (business system). With this interface you can easily place your orders. During that process your ERP system generates an order, including an order number so you can track them in your system. A tool for generating offers or requests is also available. By regularly performed updates on our part, you will always be up to date. A possible source of errors will hereby be reduced severely.

Electronic Data Catalog

With the electronic data catalog our product information can be loaded into your ERP (business system). These include technical specifications, descriptions, eClass and UNSPSC number as well as material type. This information can then be accessed quickly and easily in your own system. Through regular updates you are always up to date. To load the data into your system we provide you with the catalog as an Excel file or as BMEcat (XML format).

Inventory Management System ( C-IMS )

You need certain parts periodically, in a short term and without delivery time and you also want to save yourself the effort of ordering? With our IMS solution we will set up your own personal “Swagelok Hamburg Stock” including a scanning solution. After removing parts from the “Swagelok Hamburg Stock” you only need to scan the barcodes of the articles with the handheld scanner and enter the number of parts removed. Once the stock level falls below the predetermined value, the IMS triggers a new order, which we will receive in our system automatically. With this automatism we can replenish your “Swagelok Hamburg Stock” as quick as possible. The removed parts will either be brought to account immediately after each removal or on a collective bill at the end of the month.