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Conversion gasoline van to hybrid

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Cooperation E-Cap Mobility GmbH and Swagelok Hamburg

Clean into the future

A test conversion that has potential for greatness

E-Cap Mobility GmbH specializes in the conversion of vehicles of all kinds, whether by land, air or water. The newest project, the test conversion of an existing gasoline van to a hybrid system of electrification and hydrogen propulsion has been carried out. Swagelok Hamburg was able to support E-Cap Mobility GmbH as a partner for the implementation of the tube systems and the assembly.


The first step for eCap Mobility GmbH was to convert the existing VW T5 fossil fuel motor to an electrical motor and after which it was equipped with a hydrogen-based fuel cell range extender. A pre-engineered frame consisting of a tank, tank connection and various valves was installed together with the fuel cell on the cargo bed of the van. In the next step, the tubing system and assembly were realized on site at Swagelok Hamburg. The bent tubing was able to be connected with a minimal amount of fittings (only 4 fittings due to optimal design of bends). In addition to saving assembly time, this also minimizes the risk of potential leaks.


- 12m tubes
- 4 fittings
- Fewer potential leak points due to optimized tubing routing
Customer saved 16 hours due to outsourcing of the assembly process. Leak tight connection for hazardous fluid.
  • Successful conversion of a gasoline van into a hybrid of e-drive and hydrogen fuel cell.
  • Fast assembly due to optimal products
  • Insight and knowledge for future projects in the fields of electrification and hybridization with hydrogen propulsion.
Umbau zu Hybrid E- und WasserstoffantriebKooperations-Projekt ecap und Swagelok Hamburg

Project Team: Marcel Siele (Sales Manager Swagelok Hamburg), Kevin Lassen (Technician eCap Mobility), Jan Bohling (Project Leader eCap Mobility)

Outlook for the future:

Following the successful conversion of the T5, new ideas and innovation are already in the works for buses, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles.
Together, we are working to support companies, the federal German government and German states in achieving climate targets as well as projects in the areas of transport, storage and use of hydrogen.