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Swagelok Hamburg

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Image videos from Swagelok Hamburg

Would you like to learn more about Swagelok and BEST Fluidsysteme GmbH? Then you have come to the right place! In our image video you will learn about the basic pillars of our company, our values, services and much more.

Video: Swagelok Custom Solutions - Assembly and CNC Tube Bending

Swagelok Custom Solutions includes the areas of engineering and assembly manufacturing. But we can do even more: with our 3 tube benders, we create bends exactly to your specifications. And to ensure that everything really fits, we can check the results using our measuring cell. But we are also your strong partner for the assembly of hoses according to customer specifications or for projects with automated valves - from planning to delivery.

Video: Inspiring the Globe - Investing in our Future

Inspiring others - investing in our future. This friendly competition between all Swagelok distributors worldwide was designed to share local methods and practices in an exciting way. What are other subsidiaries doing, how can services be further improved, or are there ideas on how to further promote cooperation? The numerous suggestions could be submitted as a one-page text document or as a film (without the help of external companies). Here you can see our contribution to "Inspire the Globe":

Video: Swagelok - Working in High Performance Teams

In this image video we show you what characterizes a high performance team, which factors play an important role and how you can drive the further development of a company through these teams.

Video: Employer of the Year 2016 "BEST Fluidsysteme GmbH / Swagelok Hamburg"

In category A (companies with up to 100 employees), we were able to win the coveted 1st place as Top Job Employer. In an elaborate company evaluation, all participating companies were tested and analyzed for employer attractiveness or sustainability. On 12.02.2016, our Managing Director, Pierre Fischer, was able to receive the Top Job trophy from former Federal Minister of Economics Wolfgang Clement. You can find more information in our News-Archiv or directly at

Video: Video: The goal - the world record

4 tires, 7.5 tons of weight, more than 136,000 horsepower, temperatures hotter than a volcano - these are the specifications of the "Rocket Car", developed by The BLOODHOUND SSC with only one goal: to reach 1,000 mph - in a car driven by fighter pilot Andy Green.

And we are proud to be a part of this project, because Swagelok Company and Swagelok Bristol were able to actively support the construction of the Rocket Car. Among other things, tube fittings, FJ and FM series hoses, KCY Regulator and QC series quick disconnects were both manufactured, assembled, tested and shipped by Swagelok Northeast Ohio.

Learn more in the new Swagelok Rocketcar video!

Video: Swagelok as a supplier of alternative drive technology

Swagelok meets the demands of various markets with its high-quality products. We also play a major role in the alternative fuels sector. Swagelok natural gas lines, pressure regulators, fittings and valves for vehicle and service station technologies ensure optimum safety and flexibility in handling gases and liquids.

Video: Swagelok makes its mark in the semiconductor industry.

We value high-quality products, expert service, and the pursuit of innovation and perfection. This is reflected in our products, our people and our values. For us, development means progress, which is especially important in semiconductor technology. For this reason, we are the supplier of high-purity glands and fittings especially for Semiconductors and manufactured according to the strictest specifications.