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Swagelok Hamburg

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Warehouse & Logistics

This area deals with the receipt of goods and control of all Swagelok components. This process also includes booking in the components to the company's internal storage system, picking the goods to customer order, as well as packing and packaging of the orders. To ensure on time delivery, we work closely with conveyances and courier services, in addition, we deal with the continuous optimization of logistic processes.

Swagelok Warehouse Team Members

Warehouse Christian Detjen

Christian Detjen

Manager Warehouse & Logistics

Warehouse Joshua Geißler

Joshua Geißler

Warehouse & Logistic Apprentice

Apprentice Warehouse & Logistics

Kevin Bejkel

Warehouse & Logistic Apprentice

Apprentice Warehouse

Aaron Brand

Warehouse & Logistic Apprentice