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Swagelok Hamburg

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Team Swagelok Hamburg 2020

Who we are...

Our company has been around since 1981. It all started with the BEST Ventil & Fitting GmbH.

In the course of a change of management, on April 1, 2007 we became the BEST Fluidsysteme GmbH and one of 5 german certified sales and service centers. We represent northern Germany under the marketing name "Swagelok Hamburg" and our delivery areas are Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony.

We are located in the placid Brackel directly next to the A7, exit Thieshope.

From initially 7 employees we have grown to over 30 employees. And not only personnel we were able to continue to develop strong, our range of products has expanded continuously. Swagelok Hamburg is not only known as a supplier of tube fittings, but also because of our excellent services. These include the assembly of components and complete solutions, orbital welding, advice on major projects, e-business and much more.