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Swagelok Hamburg

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Customized tool case

Your customized tool case

We produce individually designed tool cases according to your needs. Our cases are designed with multi-layered inlays that are customized to your tools and instruments. That guarantees a safe transport and protected storage, e.g.:

  • Tools
  • Controls and Instruments
  • Measurement devices

Additionally to your customized inlays, we can offer you a special label service to increase clarity.

The cases are made of plastic composite material, which offers the highest resistance, even with large temperature differences. Thus, the outer material is acid-resistant, scratch-resistant and water-, dust- and light-proof to IP 67.

Advantages of the customized case systems:

  • clarity
  • Reduction of set-up times
  • Acceleration of system assembly
  • Removable inlays in multi-layer suitcases
  • Boxes and assortment boxes
  • prevent slipping
  • ensure arrangement for fittings and small parts

Examples for inlays and customized tool cases

 Individually designed tool case for manometer Toolcase insert for VCR and VCO weld fitting
Toolcase for fittings Case insert for filter, manometer and flow meter

You are searching for a specific cunstomization or have a question? We are happy to inform you about your possibilities.

Contact: Custom Solutions